Tarzan Legović
Sustainability and Sustainable Development: Is Human Society Developing Sustainability?
OIKON, Ltd and Libertas International University, Zagreb, Croatia

B.Sc. in mathematics and physics, Univ. of Rijeka, Croatia; M.Sc. in math. Ecology,
Univ. of Toronto, Canada, 1976; Ph.D. in theoretical physics, specialty: ecological modelling, Univ. of Zagreb, Croatia, 1980. Recipient of the highest Croatian prize R. Bošković for a significant scientific discovery 1990.
President, International Society for Ecological Modelling, 2017-
President, Scientific Council and head of Data Science laboratory, Oikon, Zagreb.2020-
Professor, Libertas International University, Zagreb, 2020-.

Published >160 sci. papers of which >90 in CC journals. Coauthor or editor of 38 books and 8 software packages (on transport of nutrients in rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal sea). Coordinator or partner to 104 sci. projects for clients including WB, UNDP, UNESCO, NSF, NASA, ESA and EU. Lectured a total of 56 courses at 18 Universities across Europe, N. and S. America., Middle East and Africa (on ecological modelling, transport of nutrients, biostatistics, environmental physics, optimum control of ecosystem states and carrying capacity of aquacultures)
Founder of 3 Ph. D. studies: Protection of nature and environment (Univ. of Osijek); Oceanography (Univ. of Zagreb) and Environmental management (Univ. of Zagreb). Mentor to 19 Ph. D., 9 M. Sc. and 8 B. Sc. defended theses. Held 183 invited lectures at international conferences, research institutions and public TV.

Research interest: direct and inverse problems in ecosystem control, transport of nutrients and pollutants, carrying capacity of fish in lakes, rivers, estuaries and aquacultures.