Hüsnü Can Başer
Aromatic Plants and Essential Oils of Cyprus
Near East University, Nicosia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Professor of Pharmacognosy

Ph.D.: University of London, Chelsea College (Now, King’s College) , Pharmacognosy (1978)
Associate Professor: Anadolu University (1981)
Full Professor: Anadolu University (1987)
Dean: Anadolu University Faculty of Pharmacy (1993-2001)
Founding Director: Anadolu University Medicinal and Aromatic Plant and Drug Research Centre (TBAM) (1980-2002)
Formerly Head of the Department of Pharmacognosy at Faculty of Pharmacy, Anadolu University (1978-2011).
Visiting Professor at the Department of Botany and Microbiology of the College of Science of King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2011-)
Professor of Pharmacognosy at the Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Near East University, Nicosia, N. Cyprus (2016-)
Director, Graduate Institute of Health Sciences, Near East University, Nicosia, N. Cyprus (2017-2020)
Director, Institute of Graduate Studies, Near East University, Nicosia, N. Cyprus (2020-)
Other duties:
President of the International Council for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (ICMAP) (2008-2014); Vice-President (2003-2008 and 2014-2019), Secretary (1997-2003)
President of the Academy of Pharmacy of the Turkish Pharmacists’ Association (TEB) (2008-2012)
Expert of Group 13B (Herbal drugs) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Working Party of the European Pharmacopoeia, represented Turkey at the European Pharmacopoeia Commission (1995-2012)
Board Member, International Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA) (2009-2013)
Executive Board Member, Near East University (2018-2019; 2020-)

Research interests:
General: Research into botanical, ethnobotanical, chemical, technological, aspects and biological activities of medicinal and aromatic plants, and biotransformation of flavours and fragrances

Specific: Essential oils and alkaloids


  1. Distinguished Service Medal by IFEAT (International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades), 1995, Istanbul
  2. Memorial Silver Medal, Scientific Partnership Foundation, Moscow, 2003, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  3. Academician Award, Pharmacy Awards 2004
  4. Rotary International Centennial Success in Career Special Award, Rotary Turkey, 2005
  5. Science Award, Academy of Pharmacy of the Turkish Pharmacists Association 2005,
  6.  Science Award (Health Sciences), Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), 2005
  7.  Science Award, Society of Contemporary Journalists, 15 January 2006, Eskisehir, Turkey
  8.  Science Award (Health Sciences) (2008), Popular Science Magazine, 22 February 2009, Ankara, Turkey
  9.  City Lights Award (Eskisehir-2011), Eskisehirliyim.com, 17 February 2012, Eskisehir, Turkey
  10.  James A. Duke Excellence in Botanical Literature Award for the 2nd edition of the Handbook of Essential Oils by American Botanical Council, March 2017.
  11.  Votive Tablet, Academy of Pharmacy of the Turkish Pharmacists Association, 25 September 2017, Ankara, Turkey
  12.  Scientific Publication Award, Near East University (2017)
  13.  Scientific Publication Award, Near East University (2018)
  14.  Scientific Publication Honour Award, Near East University (2018)
  15.  Scientific Publication Award, Near East University (2019)
  16.  Best Academician Award, Near East University (2019)
  17.  Life Long Honour Award, Iva Natura (2019)
  18.  Altın Havan (Golden Mortar) Service Award, Eczaci (Pharmacist) Journal (2019)
  19.  Scientific Publication Award, Near East University (2020)

He ranked 35 in the book “100 Turks Leading Science”

Scientific papers:
Author of over 856 research papers in peer-reviewed journals and over 1040 communications in 304 national and international symposia. He has published at least 1247 scientific contributions as papers, books, book chapters. According to SCI his 611 papers were cited 11,640 times. His H-index is 50. According to Google Scholar his publications were cited 30.183 times. His H-index is 75; i10 index is 591. His 5 books were published in Turkey, Japan, UK and USA (3).