Elmira Hassanzadeh
Improved water resources managements under current and uncertain futures
Polytechnique Montréal, Montréal, Canada

Brief Biography of the Speaker:

Dr. Elmira Hassanzadeh is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil, Geological, and Mining Engineering at the Polytechnique Montreal. Her research involves understanding, modeling and managing complex water resource systems. In particular, Elmira is interested in studying interactions within and between water, food, energy and ecosystem under changing climate and anthropogenic interventions and bridging from scientific understanding to policy making and management decisions under uncertainty. Elmira completed her PhD in Civil Engineering-Water Resources at the Department of Civil and Geological Engineering, University of Saskatchewan. During her PhD, she proposed a set of new developments to assist in understanding system behavior under historical and changing conditions, and improved water resource management under uncertain conditions. She has published several papers in top-tier journals and has attracted various funding and scholarships including the prestigious “Saskatchewan Innovation & Opportunity Scholarship” and “Russell Haid Memorial Award” among others.