Bayram Öztürk
Turkey's role in the development of West African fisheries: The case of Mauritania
Istanbul University, Turkey

Bayram ÖZTÜRK, born in 1960, on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. After he got his Ph.D. on Marine Biology from the Institute of Marine Sciences, Istanbul University, in 1990, he has been studying on fishery science and biological oceanography in various seas and oceans in the world. He is the Founder and Director of Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV), and currently Editor for the Journal of Black Sea and Mediterranean Environment (  He  graduated Turkish Navy Diving School in 1987 and  He  is  also scientific committee of CMAS and CIESM as well .

Since 1999 to date, he has been working as a Professor on Marine Biology, Faculty of Aquatic Science , Istanbul University. He has been  involved  in several EU-funded and international  Project under RAC/SPA , GFCM and  IPBES.

Dr. Öztürk   has over 2000  citation  for  marine science (See  Bayram Öztürk Google Scholar Citation). He is also an expert for the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) on global assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services .

He  was in Antarctica in 2014 , 2015 and 2016 . He was also the leader of the first Turkish Antarctica Expedition.He was awarded the Japanese Antarctic medal in 2015.A newly discovered  endemic Antarctic species  Sagediopsis  bayozturkii was  named in his honor . His  main interest  is Mediterranean and  Global  Marine Biodiversity , Ocean  Conservation and  Fisheries  Governance issues .